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Traditional Omega red box with its original cardboard outer.


This is one of the superior Omega boxes with a separate internal display tray. It's in good overall condition with some modest marks and snags from general use. One snag is visible at the back of the lid on the radius (see picture). The lid opens and snaps closed as it should. It is correctly aligned and has no tears to the fabric covering the hinge.


Inside the box is the removable watch display tray. The display clip and tray top are covered in a suede-type material.


The box has the Omega logo on the front and on the underside of the lid which it is accompanied by the Omega logo.


Approximate dimensions:


Length: 127mm

Width: 105mm

Height: 59mm


The box comes with the original cardboard outer which has yellowed over the years. Three of the corners of the base are split. A little clear sellotape would protect them although they are fully protected when the lid is in place. The box is signed Omega on the lid together with the Omega logo.

Omega Red Box

SKU: 23033bo-me-re
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