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My fathers day-to-day watch was a 1939 Omega which, back in the 1950s, was a fascination to both myself and my sister. In a non-technological age we would delight in listening to it tick. Unbeknown to father, we worked out how to get the back off too! Eventually the watch became my sisters day-to-day watch and, after a full refurbishment by Omega in Switzerland, it is now my daughters day-to-day watch.

Over the years I have owned many Omega watches. I tend not to have favourites but they have generally been of simple design without all the bells and whistles that you would associate with high-end Omegas. Some I would keep for a long time, others just a matter of months, as my mood took me and I am still like that today.

So I continue to buy Omegas, the difference today is that I now collect some solely for the purpose of resale. This site accommodates both these watches and some I had previously collected.

Vintage Omega watch and pocket watch
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