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This turn-of-the-century desk clock was manufactured by Omega for sale through Asprey in London. It is an 8-day Omega "Goliath" watch set in a wooden box with Aspey hallmarked silver corners. It has a light that shines whilst the wooden button is depressed.


The Omega "goliath" is in excellent condition with only slight marks that suggest it has had little use over the years.  The porcelain dial is still very white and the ink is still saturated black. The blued steel Plume hands point to the Roman numerals and there is a small seconds sunken sub-dial at 6. At 12 there is an access point through which the light shines. The dial is marked MM & Co Patent and this refers to an 1895 patent that related to the light electronics. It has been adapted to run on AA batteries so retains its full utility today.


The 8-day goliath is run by the formidable Omega 30'''8-D L 15P which commenced production in 1894. It's in great condition and runs well.


The box was manufactured for Asprey and has silver corners that are hallmarked in London for Charles and George Asprey dated 1900. Asprey has a unique place in English history with their origins dating back to 1781 and there is a wealth of information available on the internet relating to their heritage.


The watch diameter is 75mm excluding the stem and winder. The box measures about 16 x 16cm with a depth of about 9cm. The wire connecting the switch to the box extends to about 1.2m.


1900 Omega Goliath Desk Clock With Light

SKU: 22010po-ss-ma
  • Year 1900
    Case Metal Plated
    Back Metal Plated
    Back Type Snap
    Diameter* 65mm
    Power Manual
    Calibre the Omega 30'''8-D L 15P


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