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If you subscribe to the fashion of wearing a supersize wrist watch then read on. You see them frequently - indeed they can't be missed when they are worn. These 50mm or so super-sizers are something else! Many of these are marriage watches and very elaborate, bling examples are regularly created in Ukraine. They take an Omega pocket watch, remove the movement and insert it in a newly made wristwatch case, often with a glass back so the movement can be seen. They create a new dial or refinish the existing dial.


This watch is very different! Yes, it's big but it's not bling! It's just plain classy. This is quite simply an antique pocket watch that's been converted to a wristwatch but fully retained its integrity. The manufacturer H Moser & Cie still make watches today that are sold worldwide and, in the UK, through Harrods. They are handmade. They make all the parts and then assemble the movements. You will not find a new one for sale for less than £10,000! 


The golden coloured dial is quite striking with a delightful mellow patina that has evolved over the past 100 years. It's in great condition with big Arabic numerals in saturated black paint. 24-hour outer track and minute index. Sunken sub-dial at 6. Blued steel Poire hands. Signed H Moser & Cie. It is hand wound and has an adapted crown to wind it.


The case is in excellent worn condition with a Guilloche pattern on the back. Inside it's fully marked H Moser on both the dust cover and the case back. The movement is in excellent condition as can be seen in the photographs. It has the Moser stamp on it, runs well and keeps good time (for a mechanical watch).


Comes with a newish black NATO style strap.


The watch is 50mm in diameter excluding the crown. Please understand how big it is and how it will look on your wrist.


It's not an everyday watch and a certain amount of caution needs to be exercised when wearing it. Take care not to knock it about. Keep it away from magnets (often in computer speakers) and keep it dry - it's not water resistant!


About H Moser & Cie


H Moser & Cie have a long history of watch production dating back to 1828 when they were established in St Petersburg, Russia by Swiss-born Heinrich Moser. A year later, a wise Moser established his watchmaking factory at Le Locke, Switzerland so when the main company was nationalised during the Russian Revolution in 1918, watch production was able to continue. Today Moser offer a range of wrist watches and are universally acknowledges for their expertise and policy of manufacturing everything in-house. A link to today's Moser site and a review of one of their watches is included below.


Click this link to go to the official H Moser & Cie site.


Click this link to see a review of a current H Moser & Cie wristwatch.

Early 1900s H Moser & Cie Wrist Watch Conversion.

SKU: 19007wr-ni-ma
  • Year  1900s
    Case Metal Nickel
    Back Metal Nickel
    Back Type Hinged
    Diameter* 50
    Power Manual
    Calibre Not Known

    *mm excluding crown

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