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This Omega timer demonstrates the move away from a metal case in favour of lightweight plastic. It has a distinctly rugged style with a two tone dial and orange hand.


Each minute is divided into 100 equal parts so it would have been intended as a "process" timer as in "Time & Motion" or "work-study". Sub counter times to 60 minutes. The watch is crown wound. The crown also starts and stops the timer whilst the pusher resets it to zero. The pusher resets it to zero. All works exactly as it should. The dial is in unmarked condition. The acrylic has only micro-scratches and these could be polished out.


The case is in excellent condition.


The timer comes in its original (hard plastic of sorts!) case together with the original red insert. It also has the original Omega tag.

1970s Omega Decimal Timer

SKU: 21019st-pl-ma
  • Year 1970s
    Case Metal Plastic
    Back Metal Plastic
    Back Type 2 screws
    Diameter* 61
    Power Manual
    Calibre Unknown

    *mm excluding the crown and pusher

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