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Vintage Omega stopwatch from the 1960s.


In good used condition with some superficial marks to the case and crown. Some plate loss to the case back. Excellent dial and brand new acrylic from German manufacturer Sternkreuz.


This is a super quality Omega MG1168 timer. One push to the crown (pusher) and the stopwatch starts. A second push and it stops in order that the elapsed time can be read. A third push and the hands are reset to the start position. The outer index on the dial runs from 1 to 30 in black so one complete circuit of the hands represents 30 seconds. The inner index on the dial runs from 31 to 60 in red effectively meaning two circuits of the dial represent 1 minute. Each second is sub-divided into 10 so this fast-beat timer reads to 1/10 of a second. The small secondary dial records up to 15 minutes and is marked in black and red denoting 30 second intervals.


The calibre inside is Omega 9001. As usual with Omega timers this is actually a Lemania movement as can be witnessed by the Maltese Cross stamped underneath the balance wheel. Beats at 36,000 per hour (BPH) which equals 10 beats per second.


In full working order.


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1960s Omega Stopwatch MG1168

SKU: 18067st-ss-ma
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