This Omega notepad comes with a leather cover and biro by the famous Fisher company.


The flip-top cover is made of leather, tan on the outside and red on the inside, with an Omega emblem in the shape of a watch crown. Finished with stitching around the edges. It's as new with no marks but has a slight musty smell that suggests it's been in a drawer for quite a few years! The slip-in note pad has had the front cover removed so I would class it as used. Each page is printed Omega together with the Omega logo, all in red.


The biro is a genuine Fisher bullet "Space Pen" made from brass with a chrome finish. It's laser-etched Omega and marked Space Pen by Fisher USA. A gold coloured Space Shuttle is attached to the body. In excellent condition. Black ink. Below is a cut and paste from the Fisher site to describe the pen. Refills are readily available.



The Fisher Space Pen was designed and created by Paul Fisher in 1968. The pen was designed by Paul as he found a need for the use of a pen in space as astronauts began to explore our universe. There was no pen that was able to write in the extreme conditions of space: FREEZING COLD, BOILING HEAT VACUUM.

The Fisher space pen is the ultimate in dependability. Every Space Pen is guaranteed to perform in temperatures from -30 to 250 degrees F, underwater, in zero gravity at any angle-even upside down! Its reliability means it's the only pen you'll ever need." (Corrected for their typos!)


The Bullet pen

length open with cap on end 135mm
length closed 95mm
cap length 65mm
barrel length 90mm


Scale off the pen for the size of the pad and holder.

Fisher Space Pen & Omega Note Pad

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