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A unique opportunity to collect one of these rare timers in exceptional condition. This timer is brand new, has never been used and still has the retailers Omega tag. It's rare for three reasons. Firstly its condition. Secondly, what it is, a 1/10,000th hour timer and thirdly, because it has a cream dial (more cream than in my pictures).


The Omega MG1163 is an industrial timer where processes are often timed in decimals, unlike sport. A sports timer will break each minute down into 60 seconds whilst a decimal timer will break each minute down to 100 parts. Most Omega decimal timers will do just that - one revolution of the dial takes one minute but instead of o - 60 they read 0 - 100. This much rarer timer records in 1/10,000 of an hour. One revolution of the dial takes 36 seconds which represents and reads .010 (of an hour). So, if the timer were stopped at the first main index (look at the dial picture) it would read .001 (1/1,000th of an hour). If it tripped on just one small sub-index then that would be .0011 of an hour (11/10,000 of an hour). Get it? The sub-dial can record up to .3 of an hour total process time net of any pauses.


The condition is near mint. It's about 57 years old so it has been handled over the years including a recent service. Having said that you would have to look very closely to find anything but the lightest of marks. The remains of the old retailers' sticker on the back may reveal something.


The dial and everything about the dial is in perfect condition. The cream finish is rare and is more cream than my pictures show. Fabulous blue steel hand. Unmarked plexiglass. It is signed Omega together with Prestons Ltd Blackpool. This too is uncommon as Omega timers are usually associated with the Prestons Timer Division at Bolton. Sadly Prestons recently closed down.

The case has a slight mark where it has been opened (my watchmaker didn't do this I hasten to add). One minor scratch visible on the case back. Beautiful crown with "as new" sharp detailing. Below this it is lightly hand-marked 180V which also appears handwritten on the Omega tag. Probably a stock number. Nearby there is another mark that is indecipherable. It looks like a 3. The crown and slider work as they should. Opening the back takes you to a dust cover. Open this reveals the beautifully engineered Omega calibre 5640 (fast beat 36,000 bph) . I believe this was manufactured by Lemania. It has a Lemania serial number of 1404594 which dates it to about 1963.


So there you have it - a real opportunity! If you are a collector I have the matching timer but with a white dial. Same condition and with consecutive serial number 1404595.

Fully serviced.


1960s Omega MG1163 Timer 1/10,000th Hour. NOS

SKU: 17085st-cp-ma
  • Year 1963
    Case Metal Chrome plated
    Case Back Chrome Plated
    Back Type Snap
    Diameter* 50
    Power Manual
    Calibre 5640

    *mm ex pusher/crown arrangement

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