Almost unmarked and probably never been used complete with the Omega tag. Comes with a cloth "Swiss" sleeve and its original red Omega box from the retailer Prestons of Bolton.


This is an exceptionally clean timer from Omega for retailing through Prestons as noted on the dial. On the back of the case it is marked "C.E.G.B. Work Study No 35. C.E.G.B were the nationalised industry controlling the generation and distribution of electricity in the UK. Privatised so no longer exists.


Each minute is divided into 100 equal parts so it would have been intended as a "process" timer as in "Time & Motion" or "work study". Sub counter times to 30 minutes. The watch is crown wound. The slider button on the side starts, stops and restarts the timer. The crown resets it. All works as it should.


Inside is the Omega 8300 calibre movement. Marked Omega 7 jewels there is a Maltese Cross stamped under the balance wheel which denotes that the movement was in fact made by Lemania for Omega (as most of their timers were). Obviously clean as a whistle!


Extremely rare in this condition.

1960s Omega "Decimal" Timer MG3452

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