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Smiths were well known for their timepieces and over the years their name became synonymous with instrument-making for aircraft and cars. Today they are a multi-billion pound company and can be seen at


It is obvious that this timer is heavily engineered and is as robust as they come! It's in excellent condition with no significant scratches or dings and the dial is as clean as a whistle! It's a decimal timer so that one complete rotation of the hand lasts one minute and is recorded in 100ths of a minute. The sub-dial records up to 30 minutes. The plunger on the side starts and stops the timer whilst the crown resets both hands to zero.


Inside is the English-made movement also made by Smiths. The body of the case has a diameter of 51.3mm. On my electronic timer this piece is 0.0229 seconds fast per minute!


These timers were commonly used in manufacturing to record process times.

1960 Smiths Decimal Timer

SKU: 23011ti-ch-ma
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