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Photographed in natural daylight has cast the dial as blueish - in reality, it's white!


This is one of those pocket watches that show its dial almost as if it were produced yesterday! No chips or cracks and almost the original white with fully saturated black print. Wonderful unmarked blued steel Poire hands. Sunken small seconds sub-dial at 6. For simplicity and clarity, it can't be beaten.


Due to the restriction placed on the movement of precious metals the complete movement was exported to the Uk from Switzerland where it was fitted into a locally made case. Dennison had a great relationship with Omega and they knew they could rely on the quality of their cases. This Dennison "Star" case has a layer of 9k gold on the outside with gold plate on the inside. There are no dents or scratches, just general evidence of use. On the rear of the case between 4 and 8, there is significant plate loss indicative of it being slipped in and out of a waistcoat pocket. Similarly a little loss on the top edge at 11 where a large thumb has rubbed it whilst winding it up. Opening the case-back reveals a dust cover that is also marked Dennison. The back, dust cover and case are all marked with the same serial number proving they were made as a complete set.


As you would expect the Omega in-house manufactured movement is in excellent, clean condition and runs well.

1932 Omega Pocket Watch

SKU: 18078po-gp-ma
£575.00 Regular Price
£460.00Sale Price
  • Year 1929-1934
    Case Metal Gold plate
    Back metal Gold plate
    Back Type Hinged
    Diameter* 49
    Power Manual
    Calibre 40.6 LT15P

    *mm excluding the crown

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