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1925 Art Nouveau pocket watch from Omega.


The case was manufactured in Switzerland in .900 silver as marked on the inside of the case together with the rampant bear hallmark and Omega stamp. The niello finish on the case-back has mostly worn away leaving exposing the silver "rays-of-glory" and a blank oval shield. Copper finish to the rim and the bezel. Fluted outer. Inside the case is a dust cover engraved with the legend "Bienne" and "Geneve" together with the medals of seven Exhibitions of Geneve in 1896, Milan in 1906, Paris in 1889, Bern in 1914, Paris in 1900, Milan in 1906 and Brussels in 1897. The dust cover is also fully hallmarked.


The two-zone gold-colored dial has achieved a speckled effect patina that's pleasing to the eye. Delightful blued steel Poire hands. Small seconds in a sunken sub-dial. Breguet style hour numbers with the 24-hour clock in red at the outer. Signed Omega in black with the logo.


The Omega in-house manufactured movement calibre 35.5-LT1 is superb with a beautiful Guilloche finish.

1925 Omega Niello Pocket Watch

SKU: 19097po-si-ma
  • Year 1923-1927
    Case Metal Silver .900
    Back Metal Silver .900
    Back Type Snap
    Diameter* 47.8
    Power Manual
    Calibre 35.5-LT1

    *mm excluding the crown

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