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A rarety in Omega pocket watches is that access to the movement is not through a snap-off case-back but through the front. Pull the crown out as if you are adjusting the time. This isolates the crown stem from the watch mechanism. Unscrew and remove the bezel. A small cut out enables you to swing the dial and movement out on a hinge at 12.


The overall condition is exceptionally good and reflects very light and careful use. The case is solid silver (0.935) and is hallamarked for Swiss silver and stamped Omega. There are no dents, just micro-scratches and general wear expected from an antique watch. There's worm monoigram on the rear. The porcelain dial is almost unmarked and still very white with no damage or hairline cracks. Wonderful Poire hands. The hour hand has a slight kink in it but it's all part of its history. The coin-edged bezel is true and unscrews smoothly. Inside is the Omega built 20'''NN L 7-16P calibre. Freshly serviced and in great condition. Everything is right about this watch.


Diameter 52.8mm (excluding the crown etc)

1913 Omega Pocket Watch Swing Out Movement

SKU: 20008po-si-ma